How to program a carousel of images on multiple screens or TVs?

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In this blog, we explain how to program a carousel of images to send them to a group of television screens using the Evéniment Signage platform.

Cómo enviar o transmitir imágenes a múltiples pantallas de televisión de forma simultánea

Step-by-Step Video:

In the following video, we explain how to send the images to each screen and how to program them based on a start date and time and an end date and time.



Scheduled Option

If you need to configure one or multiple images to be displayed within a specific time frame, you can program the start and end dates and even the duration in seconds that each image will be shown on the screen before changing to another image.

You can also set the status of the image to “Inactive” if you want it to stop being displayed for any reason.

programar una imagen por tiempo en una pantalla television


Default Option

On the other hand, if you want one or multiple images to be projected on the screens or TVs by default, you can configure a Default option for the image(s) so that they are always displayed when there are no scheduled images based on the time schedule.

This is ideal, for example, when you have temporary events that display specific images on the screens, but after the event ends, the TVs continue to show general images that are always relevant.

configurar imagenes a mostrar en pantallas de television


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