Comparison Of Hanwha Wisenet IP Cameras.

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Cámaras Hanwha Samsung Wisenet para videovigilancia CCTV

In this blog, we present a comparison of the available models of Hanwha Techwin Wisenet IP surveillance cameras in Mexico, aiming to gather the most important features in one place to choose the best model.

The Wisenet series of cameras and recorders for surveillance originated from Samsung Techwin and was later acquired by the South Korean company Hanwha.

They stand out for their high image quality, security, and especially their analytics, which are largely their strength and the reason why they are chosen among the largest companies.


In the downloadable PDF file, we will compare the following features:

  • Camera Type
  • Resolution (Megapixels)
  • Lens Type
  • Infrared Distance (Meters)
  • WDR (dB)
  • Protection Rating
  • Compression
  • Sensor
  • Minimum Illumination (LUX)
  • MicroSD Slot
  • PoE
  • Operating Temperature
  • Power Consumption in Watts
  • Analytics


The camera models included in this comparison are all IP cameras, so we are not including any analog technology models.


L SERIES: These are IP cameras with fixed or varifocal lenses and a design resistant to vandal attacks, featuring essential characteristics.
  • LNO-6012R
  • LNO-6072R
  • LNV-6072R

P SERIES: P series cameras for surveillance with video analytics using artificial intelligence, multi-sensor technologies, and innovative design.

  • PND-A6081RV
  • PND-A9081RV
  • PNM-9022V
  • PNM-9322VQP
  • PNM-C12083RVD

Q SERIES: Q series cameras with high image quality and H.265 compression for small to medium-sized applications, featuring video analytics, WDR, and built-in infrared.

  • QND-6012R1
  • QND-6082R1
  • QND-8010R
  • QNO-6012R1
  • QNO-6082R1
  • QNO-8010R
  • QNO-8020R
  • QNO-8080R
  • QNP-6250H
  • QNP-6250R
  • QNV-6022R
  • QNV-6082R
  • QNV-6082R1
  • QNV-8010R
  • QNV-8080R

T SERIES: IP cameras for critical missions and specialized applications with a variety of specialty options. These cameras include explosion-proof, thermal, 8K, or ultra-high-resolution HD protection.

  • TNU-X6320E2F2WT1-Z

X SERIES: The X series includes the proprietary Wisenet 7 chipset with features such as 4K resolution, extreme WDR, and 100% lens distortion correction.

  • XND-8020F
  • XNF-8010R
  • XNF-8010RV
  • XNF-9010RV
  • XNO-6080R
  • XNO-6120R/LPR
  • XNP-6400
  • XNP-6400R
  • XNV-6011
  • XNZ-6320A
Each camera has its particular application that is focused on the series, so choosing the right one always needs to be based on an assessment and understanding of the project requirements.
IMPORTANT: These are the cameras with the highest availability in Mexico at the time of this publication. It is possible that different models or inventories exist in other countries, so it is always recommended to validate the information.
To download the comparison table, click the link below:



You may also be interested in this video guide on choosing the right camera for each application:




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