Installation of CCTV Cameras in Guadalajara México – Video Surveillance Project

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We would like to share a comprehensive project carried out in Guadalajara, Jalisco, as CCTV providers, using an IP camera solution for a warehouse.

This project was undertaken for a warehouse that had experienced some security incidents. The most vulnerable points were selected for the placement of cameras. The office opening was done using Cat6 Belden UTP cable. A network was required to connect IP telephony, computer equipment, and WiFi access points. As the building had a continuous plasterboard ceiling, a galvanized perimeter ladder was chosen because the space between the ceiling and the solid roof was very limited, and the number of cables exceeded the capacity of the galvanized conduit.


Guadalajara IP Camera Installation:

  • For structured voice and data cabling, Belden Cat6 was chosen to reach an existing cabinet, along with a PoE switch for centralized power management for the cameras.


  • Galvanized thin-wall conduit was selected for cable routing to protect it throughout the facility.

Parts of the conduit will pass through outdoor areas, so efficient cable protection against moisture is required.



Hikvision Camera Installation in Guadalajara:

The Hikvision brand was chosen for this project because the client already had another branch using this brand, and it was desired to standardize and centralize the monitoring of their branches from a corporate office.

Installation of ColorVu cameras was carried out to provide color images in low light conditions, even at night.


ITA Tech is a provider of structured cabling, video surveillance, CCTV, access control, and IP telephony in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

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