Structured Cabling and Access Control in Puebla

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Below, we would like to share a comprehensive project carried out in Puebla as providers of Structured Cabling, CCTV, and Access Control.

This project, involving the opening of a new office, was implemented using Belden Cat6 UTP cable. The network was required to connect Cloud-based IP Telephony, computer equipment, and WiFi Access Points. The office is constructed with solid walls and does not have false ceilings or raised floors, so it was necessary to use Plastic Trunking for the overall cabling.


Voice Data Network Installation / Puebla:

  • For Structured Cabling of Voice and Data, Belden Cat6 was chosen along with all its accessories, including faceplates, patch panels, jacks, 2-post racks, vertical organizers, and horizontal organizers.






Access Control / Puebla:

  • This project also integrates an Access Control and Employee Time Attendance system. ZK-Teko equipment with biometric fingerprint readers was chosen for this purpose. Door locking is achieved using magnetic locks, specifically electromagnets, installed on wooden doors and others with aluminum frames.




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At ITA Tech, we are a provider / contractor / installer / designer of Structured Cabling, Video Surveillance, CCTV, Access Controls, and IP Telephony in Puebla.