Structured Cabling Project for Voice and Data in Toluca Lerma.

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Below, we would like to share a comprehensive project carried out in the industrial zone of Toluca – Lerma as providers of Structured Cabling, CCTV, and IP Telephony.

The main challenge of this project was that the network cabling had to be routed over a false ceiling of ceiling tiles in an industrial warehouse through a so-called “catwalk.”

Due to the limited space and working at heights, safety measures were taken, such as a maximum time of stay in the area, securing with ropes and harnesses at safety points.


Voice Data Network Installation / Toluca – Lerma:

  • For Voice and Data Structured Cabling, a mesh tray and thin-walled galvanized conduit were chosen for the branches or junctions. Belden Cat6 flame-retardant UTP cable was selected for the construction of the network nodes.




The paths of the mesh tray must avoid contact with other pipes, and grounding is necessary to prevent any discharge from affecting the network cabling.



In the following video, we showcase some of the safety measures that were necessary to take due to the difficulty and risk involved in the project:





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At ITA Tech, we are a provider / contractor / installer / designer of Structured Cabling, Video Surveillance, CCTV, Access Controls, and IP Telephony in Toluca and Lerma.