2024: Engineers Stuff – Year of the cartoons.

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What topic could we discuss in 2024 that would be of interest to our community of engineers?

That’s how the question began in an informal conversation that turned into a surprise because I personally didn’t know that there was a completely organic common theme right in front of us.

As quick ideas emerged, such as talking about engineering music, movies we like, or Mexican traditions, the conversation was filled with famous phrases from cartoon characters such as The Simpsons, Dragon Ball, or Pinky and the Brain.

Apparently, ITA Tech is a cradle of cartoon enthusiasts, and we didn’t know it. Apparently, the child within us is still alive and overflowing to everyone’s surprise.

Perhaps in past years, we have been too serious, and this time we are forced to take two steps back and ask:

Won’t somebody please think of the children?




In season 7 episode 23 of The Simpsons, Helen Lovejoy repeatedly asks that question. However, in that particular case, the topic was much more serious than what we intend to discuss here. The Simpsons are known for their social criticism, but always through absurdity and comedy. Nonetheless, we will make it our banner to repeat that question throughout 2024.

And this year, we will ask the question to revive the child within us that makes us laugh and still has the capacity for surprise when we remember those cartoons and phrases that marked us and that our brain spits out at the slightest provocation.

Because apparently, those cartoons that we watched innocently, without realizing it, were loaded with stories, failures, successes, and unconsciously became the fables of our generation, which become references that we understand and share.

Something interesting is happening here too. We converge among several generations that watch the same thing. Although this series of blogs will be age detectors, it’s incredible that younger generations still enjoyed and agreed with the same stories as those of us who are a little older.



So it seems that the community could be larger than we originally thought, because let’s be honest, what is an engineer but a child who pays taxes?

Curiosity and nerdiness are in our nature, the need to control the uncontrollable, and cartoons are a gateway to controlling what cannot be done in real life, to push the limits of imagination.

So here we ask, are you also part of this generation that was formed and entertained by cartoons? With those stories that were out of the ordinary to touch absurd limits and imaginary worlds?

We want to know in 2024 how big the community of engineers with special tastes is. Are there cartoon-loving engineers out there?.. Speak up!




And if you’re curious, here’s a spoiler of what we’ll be talking about in the coming months based on a deep study of interests within ITA Tech:



We hope to hear from you and know what your favorite cartoon was. Join us in this 2024.


Why are we talking about cartoons during 2024?

Every year at ITA Tech, we choose a theme that represents us or that we like as engineers.

We want to find those engineers who, like us, enjoy the stories that accompanied our childhood and still accompany some of us into adulthood while we pay taxes. 

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