2024: Engineers Stuff – Year of the cartoons.

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What topic could we discuss in 2024 that would be of interest to our community of engineers?

That’s how the question began in an informal conversation that turned into a surprise because I personally didn’t know that there was a completely organic common theme right in front of us.

As quick ideas emerged, such as talking about engineering music, movies we like, or Mexican traditions, the conversation was filled with famous phrases from cartoon characters such as The Simpsons, Dragon Ball, or Pinky and the Brain.

Apparently, ITA Tech is a cradle of cartoon enthusiasts, and we didn’t know it. Apparently, the child within us is still alive and overflowing to everyone’s surprise.

Perhaps in past years, we have been too serious, and this time we are forced to take two steps back and ask:

Won’t somebody please think of the children?

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