Structured Cabling Project – Mexico

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Structured Cabling Project using Belden at Mexico.


This structured cabling project was designed for a Voice, Data and WiFi network. We used a purple Belden Cat6 as requested by end user with mesh piping of local manufacturer Charofil.

In the next video we demonstrate the process of installing the cabling to the final data ethernet outlets.

This specific project was made at México City.


PHASE 1: Instalation of Internet and E1 carrier entrance facility  ¿What is a Carrier Entrance Facility?

In this project we install a piping system for the entrance facility for 3 different service providers, each one with an independent pipes and prepared for fiber optic cabling.


Also at Phase 1 we install al the mesh support for all the copper Cat6 cabling:

As requested by final user all the piping and wiring will be visible as part of the office industrial decoration.


Why is piping so important at a Structured Cabling Project?

At Phase 2 we started the cabling process:


Cat 6 UTP supported by a mesh pipe.


Organizing the wiring harness.

At Phase 3 we started the cable end at patch panel and jack outlets:


Cable end at patch panel.

In the final step we started with path cord installation at patch panels and organizers:


At Phase 4 we installed all active hardware as: WiFi Access Points, Switch, IP Phones:




At ITA Tech we are a local Mexico provider for design and installation of Structured Cabling Systems and networks.