Seismic Alarm Signage

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With our Evéniment digital signage platform, it is possible to display a Seismic Alert on TV screens.

This could be particularly useful in corporate buildings, airports, shopping centers, or industrial facilities. In addition to audible alerts, visual signs can effectively guide personnel to evacuation routes in an orderly manner.


alertamiento señalización en pantallas de tv


Seismic Alert Signage

Under normal circumstances, Human Resources departments use TV screens for internal communication. They usually display important news, event calendars, employee birthdays, and reinforce company values and mission. In the industry, the Evéniment platform is also used to show production reports, surveillance camera feeds for machinery control, and other relevant events.

But why not repurpose this internal communication system for emergency signaling? With our Evéniment platform, it is possible to integrate emergency events and display personalized videos. In the case of Mexico, this means utilizing TV screens as an additional signaling system for seismic alerts.

Each screen can be programmed with a different alert video. In an emergency, each screen can display evacuation routes based on its location. These videos can even be customized to provide audiovisual instructions on which route personnel should follow.

alerta sismica y rutas de evacuación en pantallas de TV



Check out the following video for examples of how emergency events could be personalized for each installed screen, serving as effective signage depending on their location. These videos can help people locate emergency exits or provide encouragement during critical moments:




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