Engineers Stuff: Drink a Coffee ☕️ for México 🇲🇽

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Coffee ☕️ and engineering are intimately related. Historically, the process of solving problems was limited by solar cycles and fatigue until coffee, as a drink, freed us to tame the night and thus concentrate our energies and intelligence. So far so good, but during 2023 we will call on all engineers to demand more, to extract everything good that coffee has given us so far but to participate more actively in the coffee production chain. But… why do we want you to drink a good coffee in 2023? Let’s get to the point…

Ingeniería y el Café


1) We want you to drink coffee ☕️ for México🇲🇽.


As it turns out, the production of coffee, from planting to harvesting, is an activity that involves the most marginalized social groups in the country, not only in Mexico but in the world. But particularly in Mexico, indigenous sectors and in many cases older people produce the majority of coffee.

But growing coffee is not an easy task, the plant is very susceptible to diseases and pests and requires a lot of care, monitoring, good land, and a bit of luck.

The coffee that reaches your table is the seed and this seed has a fruit, if everything goes well at harvest, they recover the seed and store it, but it is subject to mold or contamination due to humidity, so it requires a drying process. It takes time, it requires processes and it requires patience, all this with very little reward: most of this coffee is sold at ridiculous prices that do not compensate for the effort. Let’s suppose that everything above goes well. Transportation, storage, and until it reaches the hands of a roaster. It is the roaster who converts the dry green coffee seed into a dry seed with brown tones, light or dark coffee, and subsequent storage and distribution. If everything above goes well, the coffee must find buyers, in most cases, it is the big chains or establishments that buy in bulk and at very low prices that move the market, but not necessarily those that contribute more to small producers being benefited, so there are producers who try to do everything well, and roasters who try to do everything well, but who buys from them? Well, small coffee shops are those that mostly buy quality coffee, the one worth it, the one that went through all the processes and the one that pays the best to small producers. Yes, those coffee shops that form a cluster of small businesses and that in order to get customers and sustain themselves, they have to offer quality products, which to do so, they have to take courses, specialize, buy or rent expensive machinery, generating jobs throughout the process, all of this so that in the end, you can have a good cup of coffee ☕️. And we arrive at YOU, the engineer consumer, who pays a fraction of all that work, but thanks to that, the entire production chain, from planting, growing, harvesting, storage, drying, roasting, transportation, coffee shop, waiter, barista, is nourished and happy because then their work had a good end. But very important: it’s not just about going and consuming…



2) We want you to drink a good coffee.


Good coffee costs 💵, it costs a little more. The good news is that: it’s Worth it. If you’re used to drinking cheap coffee, you might think that you’re saving money, but you’re actually missing out on all the flavor, aroma and quality that good coffee can offer you. A good coffee is the result of a long and complex process, a process that requires a lot of dedication, passion, and hard work. A good coffee is a product that deserves to be appreciated and respected.

When it comes to money 💵, if you buy an economical coffee, think that there are high chances that it will be a low-quality coffee. Nothing is free, if it’s cheap, it’s because something went wrong along the way, it was a sick coffee, it had pest, it got moldy, it was over-roasted, or it was burned, in short, there are multiple possibilities that something is wrong. There are no shortcuts, it’s not like someone grew it in their garden, gave it seeds, and roasted them in a pan for it to be cheap. In this case, as we explained, many people are involved, and many things can go wrong along the way.

The best is reserved for those who value it. You deserve the best.

And you deserve the best because to study engineering, you had to work hard because nothing was free, because your eyelashes burned studying, and because the career was expensive, and because you know that good things take work, and solving a problem is only the result of having failed and learning along the way.

So, invest in it, engineer, because if we buy better quality coffee, the producers will be paid better, and as we told you, they often come from the most marginalized sectors, and if the producers earn better, they will work harder, and if they work harder, their neighbors will also do so, and they will train and be incentivized to specialize, which involves education, and education means better citizens, and in the end, you will be a healthier and happier engineer who contributes to moving the economy of Mexico from the root.



3) we want you to know what a good coffee is

To know more about coffee and what a good coffee is, we interviewed Engineer Guillermo Cruz who helped us understand more about the basic and some complex questions about coffee, which you can see in the following video:


You can also hear it in the following Podcast:


4) Queremos que como nosotros también encuentres el hilo negro


Taking you to find the black thread of coffee is our mission for 2023, and throughout the months we will share everything you need to know to take the best cup and increase your “lives” in the engineering game, as although you don’t believe it, coffee not only makes us more productive but also lengthens our lives.. ☕️❤️

So keep an eye on our posts and follow us on social media to know more about this exciting drink.. 


Why are we talking about coffee?

Each year at ITA Tech, we choose a theme that represents us as engineers or inspires us to be better. Coffee is one of the most important beverages for engineers and we want to contribute to make it part of a productive chain that grows Mexico.

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